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Cold showers bring the blood out to the capillaries, cleans the circulatory system and reduces the blood pressure of the internal organs and thus acts as a flushing for the internal organs, giving them a new supply of blood. It strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and it helps to contract the muscles to eliminate the toxins and poisons very fast. It also brings the power of resistance to the body and strengthens the membranes which normally inflate and bring hay fever, allergies, colds, cough and those kinds of things. It makes a person normal, healthy and keeps the skin young and shining. It also takes little time to take a cold shower.
If you take a warm water shower you must be in warm water for half an hour and preferably it should be taken in a tub. First you should sit in hot water up to the navel point to allow the adjustment of the circulatory system, and then you should lie down in it. We have found in hydrotherapy, which is the art of water and water curing, that a person should always stay in the warm water more than half an hour. People who take quick hot showers are normally sick, and in case of women, menstruation is never regular. Also their metabolism is never straight, and they get blue veins and finally they become ugly because their face starts producing a very different kind of fat layer in the skin, which makes them out of shape. The art of taking a cold shower is that when you let the cold water strike your body, you start massaging your body right away to the extent that you don't feel the coldness. It is the healthiest exercise, greatest therapy and very creative to the body.

The Ancient Art of Self-Healing – Yogi Bhajan
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